by Gouge

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Recorded/Mixed & Mastered - 2013/14

Released on March 1st 2015 through Vicious Instinct Records


released March 1, 2015

Artwork & Layout - Christian Wulf

Recorded - Mixed - Mastered @ Studio 454 by Dan Field in December 2013

Label: Vicious Instinct Records



all rights reserved


Gouge Rockhampton, Australia

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Track Name: Kicked Teeth Asphyxiation
Figured out that there's no sense in sparing life, There's no such thing, I have hatred for every being. Send my regards, Limbs remain, I always gets this feeling of murder spreeing, It is just a matter of speech, Bleeding out from every orifice.
Finished my head on speed.
I will not live in chains, I can not be bound at all, Can't keep no silence on this scream, I will make a scene. Bastard son, Hanging on, Regret all of it. Gain an ego lose a liver.
Grins wearing off, all the reason to bring out a wrench, burn.
This is the time where my fucking head is all filled up with demons and all you fucking care about is how you're gonna please them. Rape them of their catered lives, They will know loss, They will not see dawn.
Wreck them of all they love, Grim.
Grinding their teeth will only exacerbate their nevers, A little fear always goes a long way.
Hurt all who threaten us, I gave my spine away, And as your skull is splling out, You'll kneel before death, They'll need to send medics.
Track Name: Tony Abborted
Out of order, free minds think, Following animals instincts. Never sheep, Only wolves, instincts leading to the kill, But they must feed our head. All our lives leading to the hunt, feed, all of us, we are fed, Why? I am ready for it, Fed, Fed up, Full of it. All our lives how we think, I will not crawl like this.
We have their fire, Breaking rib cages like chopsticks, They must all run like meat.
Doomed, I never wished any of this, I lost all I've held dear, Fuck these rules
Oh my god, Further the hunt.
Just a mutt by breed, And we're just hungry for a feed, Wolves, Of a lust for the feed, Close, Wolves, Of the last enemy
Leave them to decay, As they sit in their thrones of shame, Rotting grins, another day to call it in
Get over it, I'm on your list.
Track Name: Creep Fast
You'll never see it coming, Devouring everything, Evil shit at hand, With no one to control it, Leaders tripping on their feet, All they realize is fear, This, These things have no truth
Up to my neck, Another victim to the shadows, Yet I don't feel at all, What is their motive behind this torture
Banging on that coffin, Eater, Always in the mirror
Eater, one of the faceless, Not of this earth, They won't bleed,
Whoa, Bury it, Realize all you have ends, They didn't care for much
Take the fallen to the tip, Before they start to stink
Restless, cadaver running through the woods, each scream feeds their soul, Lingering smells will fill the room. Stone cold, chased by doom.
There is no need for breathing anymore.
Wide awake, It never tires, Endless stamina, Born of the defiler, On edge, Always on the move While you're all asleep in your bed, Death, awaits for you all
Run, they don't mind the crawl, Move, They just love the chase
They will feed. On your soul, on your limbs, In your mind, On your face, They're just dying for a taste, I can't see you but you won't succeed, Eater
Track Name: Face Full of Stubby Shards
I really feel like dropping skulls, Got good shit to take, I fade, I am gonna fade, I am over this, I have my fix, Medicine Rules, I feel menacing, rotting through my face, Leaving my body for the buzz, Unstable in the brain, What the hell, when did I get here? So many John Does at my feet, I've watched them all die
Take a step back for a sec, try to breathe, I've got a shit memory...It's on your hands.
I'm fucked. Need my fix, I'm freaking out, I can't come clean.
Urgh, They preferred my head bleed, Oohh, Better free up a vein.
I never thought I'd amount up to anything, A man living for the fix, reap.
Track Name: Insidious
Dreading, Elders of the darker side rise, Endure all I fear, plagued, we own this welsh, I will not be fallen. Torn apart and left for dead.
I will not quiver and rot, I shut myself in here
Who gave you the right to speak? Breathing all my oxygen
Anger cased in hate with greed speaks of that turmoil, Embedded hatred.
Cold-blooded savage feeling grim, I never thought I'd be one of them, Vicious change
Heinous are those who stand before the sith, Enduring all of that you fear, Followers of the infernal
And they will see to it that you get everything you deserve and more
Odious forces surging, inhumane, not of this earth, fear leaving witnesses cold
I am putting an end to this life
Of hate, I'll wash my mind in vein